Motion Capture is a technique of digitally capturing the motion of actors by using motion capture systems, the motion data thus recorded can be later loaded on the digital 3D models for animating them.

Motion Capture comes in various formats and most widely used output format from the motion capture systems like Vicon is .asf and .amc .

( .asf is a skeleton information file and .amc is motion capture data.) These files can be later parsed or converted into other widely used format like .bvh. Tools like amc2bvh can be used for the conversion process. There are also other formats like .bip, .csm which is specific to 3DSMAX. New Motion Capture files will be posted everyday.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Walk Turn 180 - mocap .bvh .fbx .c3d

Motion Capture - Walk Turn 180
Formats - mocap .bvh .fbx .c3d

Stand Wave - Mocap .bvh .fbx .c3d

Motion capture - Stand Wave
Formats - .bvh .fbx .c3d

Slip down .bvh .fbx .c3d

Motion capture - Slip down
Formats - .bvh .fbx .c3d

Siting on chair - .bvh .fbx .c3d

Motion capture - Sitting on chair
Formats: .bvh .fbx .c3d